OnePlus 6T : Launch Date, Price & Specification

oneplus 6t

OnePlus will be launching the 6T in October through its usual online portal, reports CNET. The smartphone will also be sold via T-Mobile stores. This will also mark as the first time in the US a carrier store will sell a OnePlus device.

OnePlus was reportedly negotiating with at least one of the US carriers to partner for its upcoming flagship. It was assumed to be either T-Mobile or AT&T, given the fact that no OnePlus devices work on Sprint or Verizon. Now it’s confirmed that T-Mobile will be the official partner to sell the OnePlus 6T.

According to CNET, OnePlus isn’t just going to sell the global variant of the OnePlus 6T in T-Mobile stores. Instead, the company will make a T-Mobile specific model which will be optimized for the carrier’s network. The model will also support 600mHz bands, otherwise known as band 71.oneplus-6t

However, OnePlus is yet to be approved by the technical terms at T-Mobile. The report suggests that the process is yet to be completed and could cause a delay if things don’t go as planned. This could also mean that the T-Mobile variant would launch sometime after the online global variant.

The political friction between the US and China might also come into play, considering the unstable relationship between the countries. This could possibly stop the launch, but since OnePlus is a small firm it might fly under the radar. With OnePlus offering the 6T at half the prices of other flagships, it could help the company’s business immensely.

As for the smartphone, we’ve already seen a few concepts showing how innovative could be the next flagship killer. Some new features suggested by the concept designers based on the recent trends include a pop-up selfie camera, a premium glass build on both sides, an in-display fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen, a triple-camera setup at the rear and improved Dash Charge.

According to Mobielkopen, the company has filed an application for the name ‘Wrap Charge’ in Europe. The EUIPO filing also reveals that the new name will be used for “data cables; power adapters; cell phone battery chargers; electrical adapters; batteries, electric; chargers for electric batteries; wireless chargers.” This includes almost every lineup of chargers and charging accessories the company has under its belt.


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