Important SEO Ranking Factors 2019 : That Matter The Most

SEO Ranking Factors 2019

Who doesn’t want to be the number one in their race? Everyone wants to be the best and excel in their respective fields, and change, is something that people have to get in line with, because change will keep on changing, and the now new will be the tomorrows old. And so, one has to keep up with the new change and the new developments in order to be the best. So, if you want to have the highest ranks in SEO and want to increase your traffic then you have to be the know it all.

Why is SEO so important?

Well, SEO or search engine optimization in simple words is a process of optimizing your website, involves making certain changes in the design and content that is eye catching for the searcher and to the search engine. If you have a good SEO it will ensure increasing quantity of viewers provided you have a good quality of content and a good quality website.

Without SEO, the searchers will not be able to find you and all the work that you put in your website will go in vain. SEO optimizes your site and ensures to get more traffic on your site over time and that leads to more sales and steps up the ladder of the rank.

Every year google gives us a new ranking factor. It has changed every year and hasn’t been the same ever since.

Ranking factors are all based or shaped to make the user experience better and if the user experience is good, the more it would benefit to increase the traffic.

Let’s look at some of the most important SEO ranking factors that would ensure that you climb as high up the ladder as possible.

While there are many factors that are necessary to have a good rank, I will talk about 5 of the main factors that I think are important.


No one likes a slow anything. If there is anything we hate, is a slow internet and a slow loading page. The slower your sites load the more visitors and revenue you will lose out. Imagine you are looking for some very important topic, let’s say you are researching about some essay topic and you have a time limit. Once you do search for it on google, you click on the link that appears in front of you. You open it and it keeps loading and loading and loading. Once it does even open you would close the tab without even thinking twice. Forget about reading it. And you would definitely look for the name of the site so that in future you don’t open the same one. Google wants to improve the user experience of the web and fast loading pages would definitely do that.


Having the right kind of URL, something that is easily accessible by the google bots is also one of the main ranking factors. Google should be able to visit the URL to look for the desired content and understand the page motive. For that the website should be a well coded website.

In fact, it was said by John Mueller that HTTPS though not being a main factor, but being a “light-weight factor” is important and that having an HTTPS is great for the user.

And if I as a user want to search something then secure website would be one of the top priorities for me.


In an era where there is nothing more important than the 5-inch box that has our information about everything stored in it, a.k.a, the mobile phones, then the mobile friendliness again is one of the top priorities to have a good rank. People use more of the mobiles than laptops or desktops because of the convenience it provides. Being handy in nature it can be used any where and anytime without wires hanging around it. Google has shown in its survey that mobile friendliness has increased the traffic, the page views per visit, and the bounce rate which has increased significantly. So, if your site is not mobile friendly or mobile optimized then you are at a risk of being out in the cold.


UX is the endgame. And has a huge impact on SEO. So, if you don’t think about UX, your website would not even be raised an eyebrow about.

I mean no one likes a website if the content and layout is unattractive. Having a good UX is providing an eye catching site, and a good engaging content that engrosses the user and increases the screen timing that the user spends on the website. Search engines do give a lot of priority to see the amount of time a user spends on a site before clicking the back button to return to the search page.

Designing a user experience that pairs nicely with the SEO will definitely make you succeed in reaching on top if the ladder.


Links are considered to be one of the best and leading SEO factors to have a good ranking.

This includes having client case studies (can include exciting information about their experiences and how they reached their goal, which can help others) infographic’s (these are one of the most heavily shared and are a great way to provide an instant view of data on a specific topic. It can be fun and informative and are usually immensely shared on other blogs and social media platforms, Other contents that highlights influencers can also be used that can include podcasts and video interviews, free content and tools, because everyone loves things which are free. This could involve long form content such as eBooks or useful tools like personalized reports or quizzes and give users helpful information.

There are other ways too like hire freelance SEO expert who knows what to do and how to bring about the best in your website. These are few of the ranking factors of 2019 that, I assure you, are the most important ones that you need to look into to climb on to the top of the ranking ladder.


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