5 Tips To Make A SEO friendly URL structure


SEO is on hype because it is providing enormous benefits to website owners.  If you are running any website, then SEO would be a mandatory task for you. It is a high-end strategy that will improve the ranking of a website. After that, one has to create an SEO friendly URL structure.  If you want a healthy life of the website, then you have to optimize the complete URL structure. Most of the URLs are the future of SEO. Therefore, you should create a proper URL for the website.  Following are the essential tips that will assist you in making the SEO friendly URL structure.

  • Choose a high-end level domain

It is the First crucial step where you have to pay enough attention.  You have to choose the top-level domain that would be beneficial for you.  Make sure that you are investing precious money in the top-level domain that will attract more audience.  Instead of buying biz or pro, one should buy the .com domain. With the help of TLD, one will able to improve the ranking of a website.  If people are trusting in your domain, then it is a positive impact on your website. More than 124 million people are using a .com domain that is quite higher than the others.

  • Make the Use of HTTPS

Nowadays, nothing is more important than online security. If you want to build SEO friendly URLs, then you should use the secure connection that will save your precious data.  Therefore, one must use HTTPS instead of HTTP. According to professionals, HTTPS is more secure because it has an encrypted connection that is providing an additional level of security.  The following are some biggest differences between HTTP and HTTPS.



As per researchers, HTTPS is a reliable option for you because it is improving the ranking on Google.  It is providing the security encryption that is trusted and improving the conversion rate. It would be the best signal in the future. After buying HTTPS, one has to purchase an SSL certificate for the website because it will save the financial information and other things. Therefore, you must buy an SSL certificate from the trusted website.

  • Set the Main Length of the URL

After investing money in the Genuine Domain, one has to pay close attention to the length of the URL.  According to the professionals, if you want to construct SEO friendly URL then the shorter length would be an ideal option for you and create the simple URL with the help of a shorter URL, one will able to improve the rank of the website. Millions of people are using the best URL for the website.

  • Use Few words in the URL

If you want to attract more users on the website, then Five words URL can be a reliable option for you.  It is a simple URL and one will able to give an exact idea to the users. If you are continually applying such Formula on the website, then one will able to improve the ranking of a website.

  • Grab perfect keyword for website

Undoubtedly, if you want to promote the website, then you have to choose a particular keyword for the website. After creating the keyword, you should add in the URL. It will automatically boost the ranking of your website. Moreover, with the help of a keyword, one will able to create a Friendly SEO URL. You can add a maximum one keyword in the URL. It will improve the visibility in Google.  Make sure that you aren’t repeating your keywords in the URL.

  • Focus on Readability score

Are you familiar with the Readability score? If you want to create an SEO friendly URL, then one has to pay attention to the Readability score. Therefore, you have to create content with more than 70% readability. After that, one will able to improve the ranking of a website.  Make sure that you are creating a simple URL that will able to indicate the clear idea of it. However, don’t use underscores because it will create a complicated URL. Thus, you must make the use of Hyphens in the URL.

Ultimately, the above-mentioned vital steps will assist you in creating a friendly URL structure. You must pay close attention to the keywords.

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5 Tips To Make A SEO friendly URL structure
Tips To Make A SEO friendly URL structure
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