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What Are Tips For Cracking SEO Interviews?

Tips For Cracking SEO Interviews

There is a different bunch of questions asked to a fresher, analyst and executive. You as an interviewee are also supposed to do your own research before appearing for an SEO interview. Our world is driven by data and that data is driven by powerful search engines like Google. They deliver the required information to us in less than milliseconds and we can access them easily through our PCs and mobile phones.

You can shine in your SEO interview as a job candidate by preparing yourself well. There are a bunch of interview questions and answers that you should be thorough with. You should be familiar with the SEO language in order to understand the questions asked by the interviewer. They will expect you to know all the terms related to SEO, They will rather pay emphasis on your behavior and situational questions. Thus you should be critical and analytical in your answers.

Let’s discuss some of the important set of questions that you should be able to answer well during your interview.

Top 10 SEO Interview Questions

  1. What is the difference between white hat and black hat SEO?
  2. How is the bounce rate calculated?
  3. What are the most important factors for improving Google search rank?
  4. What is Directory and Article Submission?
  5. What is Hummingbird update in SEO?
  6. What is the Pigeon algorithm?
  7. What are AMP pages in SEO?
  8. What are SEO Off-page activities?
  9. How can I get Google to crawl my site?
  10. What is long-tail keyword?

Tips for Cracking SEO Interviews

You can never over Prepare

Go through the company’s website once in order to check the necessary changes that can be made on their website. If you are appearing for the work of the client-side then they may ask you about the required modifications on the website. In that case, you can tell them how they can bring betterment in their rankings and website traffic using your competitor analysis.

Be Thorough With your Portfolio

Your interviewer would ask you regarding the number of accounts that you are handling presently and the amount of time you are able to devote to each of your clients at an average.

Your past Achievements Matter

Do not boast about your minor achievements while displaying your CV and instead show something that is countable for the interviewer. You should mention the things that bring overall fruitful online business conversions. If your strategy was able to increase quantifiable traffic and website ranking then that is something that can impress the interviewer.

Stay Aware of the Industry

It is imperative to stay at the top of the latest advancements that take place in digital marketing and SEO. If there have been any changes in the algorithms, there are some interesting blogs or there are some award distributions then you must be well aware regarding such things. Your Interviewer would always look forward to hiring a well aware professional to his company.

Common Testing Areas Include:-

You should have hands-on experience with various popular SEO tools and processes, Your interviewer expects that you carry a complete understanding of the major SEO tools.

How to close your Interview

By the end of your interview, you should be thorough with all the possibilities you see in the company you are looking forward to working with. Their culture and aspirations should be able to create compassion with your desired career as well.

Why SEO as your Career Choice?

The importance of SEO in the business world is immense. All the strategies for the digital markets based on Search Engine Optimisation. All the agencies and brands make their name bigger and highlighted by investing an ample amount of sum in SEO. Those who are managing sales can transit through SEO training to the career of digital marketing. With skills in SEO, the CEOs and entrepreneurs opening new startups can find great benefits. The job of an SEO specialist is really fruitful as per the increasing SEO investments.  If you are done with your MBA or BSc then you can furnish your SEO skills to find your career in SEO and digital marketing.

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