Nowadays SEO  is very important for any online business. As we know, while doing Internet Marketing, there is only one thing on which we have to focus that is- User Satisfaction. However, if you ever have confusion, be noticed that focus today is not your business but your Customer. And Search Engine Optimization is a way to reach your potential customers. That is why it is very important to know the latest SEO trends and strategies, which will help you a lot in 2023.

In this article, We have discussed SEO Ranking Factors trends in 2023 briefly.

1 Voice Search Optimization

Nowadays, most people using voice search for any type of query. It is also estimated that 55% of all searches will be voice-based by the end of 2023. Also, Google voice search already has 90% of capture ability. A Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby, Yandex Alice are great examples of Voice Search Revolution. These are also showing that every big business has also accepted that Voice search is the next strategy for reaching your audience. So, start optimizing your site or blog for local voice search and conversational keywords.

2 Video Keyword Research

We rarely think about the optimization of our videos. Nowadays, it has become necessary, if you want to walk with the current SEO trends in 2023, you should consider all new aspects of ‘SEO in 2023’ from today. 41% of companies are using videos for more web traffic juice in 2023. The estimation shows that 75% of netizen traffic will be made up of videos at the end of 2023.

These data suggest video optimization has also become essential.

It is also your responsibility to let the search engine know about your video. Start using the sitemap to inform the search engine about the metadata of your video.

3 Mobile-First Indexing

Most of the internet is accessed through Mobile Phone. According to 2023 estimations, there are 64.4% of mobile phone internet users worldwide. This data itself suggests, where your customer lie. Decrease the load time of your site even for your responsive website design. Create AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for the best user experience. Verify the structured data of your site on mobile as well as on Desktop.

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4 Content is King

You must remember above all the fact that Content is King. Your site’s quality depends on this factor. You must consider the fact that content is the only thing that defines your website, business, product, or service and this must be qualitative.

SEO in 2019 still prefer quality content as it is the key to your organic rank and potential customer. However, you have to start with a new strategy of content creation considering the most important thing i.e. the buyer’s journey and his/ her persona. Stop keyword stuffing and focus on long-tail keywords.

5 HTTPS SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is another important and must-include SEO strategy in 2023. Google has already declared that SSL is necessary for all websites otherwise, it will show that the website non-secure. 82% of users leave that website when it is shown non-secure. This will result in an increased bounce rate on your website and it is bad for SEO. The Search Engine will not consider your website eligible to rank on Search Engine Result Pages or SERP.

So, set up the HTTPS link protocol to your website for web security through an SSL certificate and convert your HTTP protocol to HTTPS.

6 User Experience Design

For your website or business to do well online, the user experience is everything. Even, Google considers your website best, if the user also thinks so. So, it is important that your website is much attractive to engage your customers. Create a user-friendly website and optimize it with its heading, tag, a clear navigation menu, etc. This will help in lower the bounce rate of the website and rank high on the search engines.

7 Artificial Intelligence

Most of the people who are doing SEO are practicing Black Hat SEO as well. Although some of these practices are not found by Search Engine, Algorithms are becoming smarter to track these activities. So, trash out all the Black Hat SEO techniques, you are using. 72% of Business leaders have also claimed that Artificial Intelligence is a business Advantage and it should, therefore, online business.

So, these were some top SEO strategies in 2023 which you must include in your SEO practice this year. Use these techniques in your online business strategies and you can see awesome results on your site. If you got any queries or issues related to the above topics, you can email us. We will be happy to answer your queries.