cBackupper – A Free Cloud Backup Software to restore and schedule tasks automatically


In this technical world, cloud storage is the backbone of online data storage, online backup is not essential, but it is now the core part of crucial files storage system. It is recalled that in the current scenario where everyone is using laptops and PC’s to store their data securely. But the system may be at risk or it may cause damage to your essential files or data. 

What will you do in that case if your data is permanently lost? Here is the easy solution for you to restore all your essential files with ultimate cloud storage software and that’s called cBakkupper. cBakupper is a cloud backup software with ultimate free storage to store your data securely. 

This free cloud backup software provides the security of cloud backup, reliable cloud server, and fast data transferring. cBackupper is a free backup software offers securely Mobile backup, cloud to cloud transfer, and free cloud backup. 

Advantages of cBakupper 

cBakupper is a free software to manage data storage functions including:

Free signup – Three simple steps to get start your work with cBackupper-

1. Create your cBackupper account 

2. Add Cloud Drives to cBackupper     

3. Backup data to your cloud

Add Multiple Clouds – cBackupper offers an advanced feature to select the type of cloud disk from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and FTP/SFTP. Free combination for a large backup space is available, bind more cloud disks to expand backup space. 

Reduce data management costs –  This free cloud storage software service is free. This version comes with lots of additional features and unlimited backup space with free of cost. It offers free data storage and recovers functions like unlimited cloud, unlimited backup versions, space quota, email notification, schedule backup tasks(Weekly, Monthly and Yearly), file filter and support system.  

Data integrity and consistency – cBackupper will save all information of your data while backing up data it performs lossless data backup. Hence, it backups all data in a consistent manner without any data loss.   

Flexible backup settings – Except for data storage and restore, the user can also schedule the backup tasks to automatically run daily, weekly and monthly basis. Hence, scheduled backup tasks can run without any repeat works. It also supports and manages email notification, file filter, data cleanup software and many more.

Cloud to cloud backup – Cloud to cloud backup feature allows users to transfer data from one cloud to another with lossless data backup. It enables users to add cloud drivers to cBackupper and provide protection, security, and safety for your personal and professional data. 

Security – 256-bit AES encryption offers top-notch security for cloud users and prevents loss of data and data infringement. MultCloud uses a token-based authorization enabling you to access different cloud drives. 

User experience – As a free version of the online cloud backup software, cBackupper provides a better, fast and easy to use, user experience. It also includes some additional user experience features:  

  • Security from data theft attackers
  • High-speed performance, installation, and storage capacity
  • Regular data updates 
  • Lossless data backup with multiple backup methods 
  • Flexibility to choose the file type for backup 
  • Even you use it free, you can benefit greatly 
  • Regular data backup schedules 

cBackupper Support System – 24*7 hours technical support from engineers of our technical team are available to help you, and your email will be replied ASAP. If you have any questions and feedback on cBackupper, feel free to ask anytime. Get a better understanding of this amazing mobile backup software, and learn how to backup data by cBackupper.


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