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The evolution of technologies is changing rapidly. Folks always want to own some software, machines, programs, and applications that will build work easier.

People are giving their efforts to create everything straightforward to implement. Technology could be a dynamic sector that’s not constant. It is changing with time. People are accepting new technologies and replacing previous technology. Every company now needs to figure on only trending technologies. No-one wants previoussuperannuate techniques to implement any code and applications.

We live in a technical world and technologies are revolving around us. The competition in technologies is incredibly high. Every engineer every company doing the simplest within the software field. All are doing research and analysis to creating new software to make everything terribly straightforward. There are many trending technologies in the IT trade that are terriblystern and creating the work easier.

Top Trending Technologies:

  1. React Native
  2. BlockChain
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Big Data
  6. Internet of Things
  7. Angular

React Native: React Native is a new technology supported JavaScript. It’s a mobile-based technology used to create mobile applications. This technology is in demand already thousands of applications are built over this platform. The foremost popular corporations like Uber, Wix, and Facebook are also using React Native to build applications.

The advantage of using react native is it provides native features which implies react-native based applications can run on different platforms like IOS and Android without writing different codes.

React is currently known as the next generation of mobile app development because it doesn’t need multiple codes to run on multiple platforms.

This technology is wide in use as a result of anyone will elect this technology if they grasp JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

It has many features like code reusability, third party plugins, simple user interface, and adopt both android and IOS.

Blockchain: Blockchain is the technology based on data in which you can store or add the data as much as you can but don’t take away and change it after storing it. Block contains a chain because a block of data is collected in the chain form. Blockchain is generally used to protect medical data, real estate data, and art.

The blockchain development is the most invasive technologies today. The jobs in this field is increasing. The main advantages of using blockchain are it uses cryptography, prevents data leak, lower cost and protects data from hacking.

Cloud Computing – Cloud computing is one of the most useful technology of this contemporary era. Currently most technologies are moving towards cloud computing. Cloud computing relies on out sourcing. You can outsource software and data with the assistance of cloud computing and access that data from anyplace with the help of the internet. Yes, users can access cloud-based files from anywhere at any time.

The cloud computing services are broadly classified into three types:

  • SAAS – Software as a service
  • PAAS – Platform as a Service
  • IAAS – Infrastructure as a Services

It is a kind of pay per use service. If you want any computer resources then you can buy it from a service supplier without the use of any license.

Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence or AI is known for the natural intelligence of machines. Artificial Intelligence is a glorious technology of computer science, it deals with human intelligence. Hence, AI is often used to building intelligent machines to perform tasks such as decision making, recognition of images, patterns and figure prints. AI perform these tasks much accurately than humans. However, AI makes it doable for machines to perform tasks like humans.

Artificial Intelligence is playing a vital role in the field of Robotics, Healthcare, Finance, Aircraft, and Transportation.

Few examples of AI that we have a tendency to use in our daily life:

  • Online Shopping –Several online shopping applications such as Amazon and Flipkart use AI to gather information regarding your search history and interest in merchandise. Once, they acknowledge your searching habits then recommend products relevant to your previous search.
  • Ride-Sharing App – Uber is one of the best examples of the ride-sharing app. Uber use Ai in terms of computing optimal delivery time, location and fraud detection.
  • Google Map – Google maps are also using Artificial Intelligence, it automatically find the best route, pick your current location and show all the nearby location throughout traveling.
  • Face recognition– Face recognition we generally use in android phones for security or phone lock. AI perform face recognition task in the field of security by comparing selected facial image with database images.
  • Smart Reply- Gmail and LinkedIn are the best examples of smart reply. Whenever we send any mail or message then Gmail and LinkedIn auto recommend the text to reply in keeping with received message or mail.

Big-Data – Big data is an emerging technology gives detail about structured, semi-structured and unstructured large volume data. Big data is used to describe and predict human behavior by analyzing high volume data to make a better decision to move the business. Companies and organizations collect data from multiple online sources such as Social Media, YouTube, GPS tracker, eBay searches and so on. Hence, collecting the high volume data from different sources is incredibly laborious to store, however the “Hadoop – Open Source Framework” makes big data cheaper to store and easier to work. Big data provide valuable information regarding customers for the companies that can be used to run a marketing campaign to raise customer’s engagement rate.

Internet of Things – Internet of things or IoT is a system including hardware devices, internet, Bluetooth, and software programs. The Internet of things provides connectivity between hardware devices and software devices to communicate. The best example of IoT is a fan that can be switched on or off using a smartphone. Fitness Bands or smart watches, Microwave oven, Washing machine, and Traffic system are few more examples of IoT.

Angular- Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework used to build web applications. It is a modern web technology that don’t require high-level coding knowledge only JavaScript, HTML and CSS are needed. Hence, you can create native mobile applications with the same knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS.

The main advantage of using Angular Framework is: you can simply convert static HTML into dynamic HTML by adding some inbuilt attributes or elements. It supports single page application and no need to learn any other scripting language. JavaScript is adequate to build angular based web applications.

Final Words: All the above technologies are new to learn and have a really good scope in the future. These evolving trends provides a clear view of ongoing technologies that takes place in IT sectors.

Author Bio – Angelina Elliott is a senior consultant at Bytes Technolab. She is an expert and specialist in Customer Relationships, Analytics, Performance Management, software, IT Advisory, ERP software systems, CRM (Salesforce), Financial Systems, Management Consulting, European Sales Experience, and Technical Capability. She always stays updated with the new trending technologies.



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