The Positive Impact of Using Images in Web articles throughout 2020


Visual information is the talk of today and people are more interested in viewing images / videos rather than going through written text. Consider an example to gain more understanding. If you are required to go through a series of written text and view an image at the same time, which option would you choose? Most of us would view the image and this is exactly what we do when we are visiting websites.  Web professionals must have to use google image search process to get perfect photos for their web article and web-pages. We view images and videos as they attract us more.

  • For example, imagine that you are browsing an electronic gadget website to buy a digital camera. Before you get down to the technical features, you would want to know how the device looks. This is when you would want to look at an image of the camera. Along with that, to understand the usability of the camera, you would want to see how it works and this is when a video would prove to be helpful.
  • Visual information is far more appealing than written text. This is the reason; you should always use a combination of written content and visual information to get more attention from the readers.


Given below are some key benefits of using images in web articles.

Better explanation of what you offer

There is a psychological fact that images appeal more to the viewer than text. When some ends up on your website, he would only spend his precious time if it offers quality content related to what you offer. It is hard to determine what a product looks like without any images. If you are planning to buy a book shelf, how would you know what you are buying until you have seen it? In other words, visual information is absolutely essential.

  • Images are used in combination with web content. For instance, to get the attention of serious readers and potential buyers, write product descriptions and present images along with them for better explanation. Any user would find images more attractive than text because they are much easier to understand. If you look at a picture of house and read its description, you would obviously be more inclined towards the picture. This is because it would be much easier to comprehend.
  • Consider that you have read several lines of written text to understand how the house looks, would you be able to develop an understanding? The answer to this question is no. It would take a lot more time to gauge what teh explanation provided by the written content.

More understanding in less time

An image is very explanatory and users do not need to spend hours on understanding it. If you are viewing the image of a house, it would be easy for you to gauge its particulars. On the other hand, if you are required to go through several lines of written text, a lot more effort would be needed.

  • For any website to be successful, understanding the mind of the reader is very important. You should know what he is expecting from your company and the preferences that he has. Providing a picture is the best option to fulfil this requirement. It is important to understand the perspective of the customer and most people wish to get what they want in the least possible time.  Reading through text is obviously a harder option than viewing images. One of the key reasons why people prefer images is because they are colourful and creative. This is the major edge which they have over written text. If you talk about written text, even if it is very interesting, it would be hard to retain concentration for a long period of time. 

Getting better search engine ranks with images

It is important for business owners to understand how SEO strategies work and which factors help in getting better results. Publishing quality content is obviously a major factor helping in getting a good rank but you need to think beyond that. Apart from images, there are other parameters which can help you in scoring better SEO ranks. One of them is the use of images with Meta descriptions and ALT tags.

  • If the images on your website are indexed on Google, they would appear among the search results. If they meet the quality standards, they would also acquire higher ranks on the SEO result list. This is where things can change for you. The probability of someone clicking an image is much higher than clicking a page full of text. This is because images have a much stronger impact. When people see an image and they find it attractive, they would want to know more about it. This is when they would click the image and go through the content of the source pace. This basically describes the mind set of potential buyers. When they see something matching their requirements, they would most likely click it. On the other hand, there are very few readers who have the time to view text and read it with patience.
  • You can get visitors through everything that is indexed on search engines including text, images, videos and all other modes. Thus, restricting to text is not wise thinking by any means. A fact is that images get more attention than written text.

Images increase shares on Facebook and other social media platforms

When your website has images, there are higher chances that they would be shared on social media platforms. These days, countless people use social media every day. For some people, checking their Facebook account is as important as breathing. Hence, if something has been presented properly on Facebook, there are high chances that it would attract a lot of traffic.

  • People who are looking to buy something or even survey the features of a product use Facebook as a strong platform. On Facebook, you can share something and get the perception of people about it as well. This obviously gives you an idea of what people think about something. If you see that most people have posted negative comments about something, it is obvious that the product is not worth buying.
  • Today, using Facebook is a part of daily routine for most people. Most of us scroll our Facebook account even before we are out of bed. Hence, if something has been shared on Facebook and it matches our needs, we would most likely notice it. As a product owner, you need to use the same perspective. If your product images have been shared on social media, they would attain the maximum possible exposure. As they would be linked to your company website, people clicking it would turn into visitors.
  • Through an image, you can provide a much better explanation than simple written text. Most website owners ignore this fact. When you view an image and it has been designed attractively, you would possible want to know more about it. This is certainly not the case when it comes to written text. People might lose interest completely after reading the first few lines. Even if the content is absolutely captivating, readers are less likely to read through it and be convinced to click the long.
  • Secondly, if you look at web content layouts, the vogue of lengthy text descriptions is over. Companies promote their services on the internet by using more of visual modes. As it is said, a good click is a thousand words said. In other words, an image would explain everything which would require several lines of text either wise.

More images attract more audience

It is important to strike a balance when it comes to writing web content. A web page should be a combination of quality content and images.  Potential buyers look for the correct blend. For instance, if you have overstuffed your website with images that are not needed, a negative impression would be made in front of the user and not a positive one.

  • Getting more customers on your website is all about serving quality and using the correct modes. As it is said, a good image means instant customer attention. Well clicked product images attract customers a lot more than written content. Along with that, social media is the most important form of exposure for companies. People select almost everything after viewing its reputation on Facebook. For instance, if you want to buy a set of glasses by a certain brand, the best related information would be available on Facebook.
  • When you view a product image on Facebook, you would know what people think about the brand. Checking comments on an image is a key way to judge whether a product is worth buying or not. Thus, in a nutshell, it can be said that the use of images strengthens web content.


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